Conservation Science Partners offers a new paradigm for doing applied science and achieving conservation objectives.

CSP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit scientific collective established to meet the analytical and research needs of diverse stakeholders in conservation projects. We connect the best minds in conservation science to solve environmental problems in a comprehensive, flexible, and service-oriented manner.

CSP engages nonprofits, foundations, universities, state and federal agencies, and other partners to apply conservation science in novel ways. We address critical questions in conservation biology and landscape ecology using advanced techniques in data analysis, modeling, remote sensing, and geographic information systems. Coupled with our core staff capabilities, we draw on cutting-edge technologies and a network of professionals from a variety of disciplines.

Capabilities & Services

  • Advanced geospatial and remote sensing analysis
  • Ecological and population modeling
  • Ecological and spatial statistics
  • Large-scale conservation planning and design
  • Advanced training and education

Our Mission…

Our mission is to apply human ingenuity to the preservation of species, populations, and ecosystems using scientific principles, innovative approaches, and lasting partnerships with conservation practitioners.