Bryan Wallace joins the CSP team

Bryan Wallace joins the CSP team

We are happy to announce that Bryan Wallace, PhD, has joined us and will be working out of our Fort Collins office.

Bryan is a wildlife ecologist who brings us skills in conservation biology, particularly protected-resources biology and conservation, as well as marine ecology, fisheries management, and ecophysiology. He earned his doctorate in 2005 at Drexel University and has held positions in academia, international NGOs, and the for-profit sector. Bryan has authored over 60 publications and served as a reviewer for 30 journals. Although his background spans many areas of conservation biology, much of his research has focused on marine megafauna — specifically, sea turtles, an iconic species that offers unique insights about the health and function of the world’s oceans.

In addition to his research, he has enjoyed participating in nontechnical, popular communications that provide an opportunity to amplify important messages about conservation to broader audiences — for example, the book, Sea Turtles of the Eastern Pacific: Advances in Research and Conservation, for which he served as an editor.

Throughout his career, Bryan has focused on developing conservation strategies for endangered species, assessing the impacts to resources under anthropogenic threats, and developing priorities for resource management with limited budgets.

We are excited to be working with him.