About Conservation Science Partners, a global network of experts
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CSP seeks to develop strategic, coherent solutions to the large-scale problems that affect our society and environment. We believe that innovation is essential to this process. As a leading research provider, we engage across sectors of society to apply conservation science in new ways. We draw on existing data when available and collect or develop new data as needed. To do this, CSP has developed an interdisciplinary, global network of experts to bring critical, multi-dimensional ideas to solve conservation problems.

Our core staff includes full-time scientists whose skills are complemented by a well distributed, connected network of professionals. This centralized capacity also allows members of our network to conduct independent research while flexibly sharing resources, infrastructure, and alliances — thus creating an agile whole that far exceeds the sum of its parts. CSP provides a conduit for enlisting the best minds in applied conservation science to forge meaningful advances and practical solutions.

Core Staff

Board of Directors

Senior Fellows


Conservation Science Partners – Southwest Bike Initiative Cycling Team

Team CSP-SBI consists of people who share a passion for all things cycling — and for spreading the word about environmental solutions. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness of environmental challenges and promote solutions that address them. We use cycling to explore synergies between human activities and conservation, to foster new partnerships, and to increase the visibility of environmental initiatives and research. Team CSP-SBI is led by Mark Aasmundstad, a long-time cycling educator and advocate who finds that this sport unites his passions for health, sustainability, and exploring the outdoors. The current New Mexico road race champion, Mark has placed first in competitions around the Southwest, setting course records in Arizona and Death Valley. In addition to teaching, he works to advance cycling to benefit society and improve people’s lives. Learn more about Team CSP-SBI »