CSP Staff: Conservation Biologists, Ecologists, & Spatial/GIS Analysts
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Our core team leverages decades of experience that crosses many disciplines and sectors.

In addition to our core science staff, many other support personnel sustain CSP as an efficient and agile operation.

Brett Dickson, PhD, President & Chief Scientist

Dave Theobald, PhD, Senior Scientist

Maureen Ryan, PhD, Senior Scientist

Luke Zachmann, MSc, Senior Scientist

Clare Aslan, PhD, Senior Scientist

Rick Scherer, PhD, Senior Scientist

Bryan Wallace, PhD, Senior Scientist

Meredith McClure, PhD, Lead Scientist

Christine Albano, MSc, Lead Scientist

Jesse Anderson, Lead Scientist

Miranda Gray, MSc, Lead Scientist

Ian Leinwand, MSc, Scientist

Jesse Lewis, PhD, Postdoctoral Scientist

Meghan Halabisky, PhD, Postdoctoral Scientist

Tony Chang, PhD, David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow

Dylan Harrison-Atlas, PhD, Postdoctoral Scientist

Vincent Landau, Research Specialist

Mary Forsyth, MBA, Business Manager

CSP Associates

Our associates are an exceptional team of scientists that provide additional capacity to directly connect our clients with core staff, while extending the reach of our network.

Jonnny Armstrong, PhD
Arriana Brand, PhD
Shelley Crausbay, PhD
Mark Ditmer, PhD

Sonia A. Hall, PhD
Liana Joseph, PhD
Robin Naidoo, PhD
Theresa Nogeire, PhD

Raina Plowright, PhD
Leah Samberg, PhD
Jeff Su, PhD
Sue Townsend, PhD