New paper on innovative career pathways in conservation - Conservation Science Partners
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New paper on innovative career pathways in conservation

CSP staff contributed to a new paper in Conservation Biology, outlining ways by which the field of conservation might benefit if scientists more enthusiastically pushed institutional boundaries through efforts to expand their own and others’ career options and professional opportunities.

Fundamentally, we aim to spark productive conversation and self-reflection to galvanize individual and institutional change in our field. We invite readers to join a dialogue to illuminate experiments already underway, articulate new and innovative approaches and business models at every scale, and explore how these translate into professional opportunities and cultural shifts that engage more of society—and our field—in solving conservation challenges.

Zavaleta, E., C.E. Aslan, W. Palen, T.D. Sisk, M.E. Ryan, and B.G. Dickson. 2017. Expanding career pathways in conservation science. Conservation Biology. DOI:10.1111/cobi.12987