Advanced geospatial and remote sensing analysis - Conservation Science Partners
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Advanced geospatial & remote sensing analysis

CSP specializes in developing high-quality spatial analytical information and products, drawing on some of the world’s most efficient computing resources and cloud-based platforms. Our capabilities span the entire spectrum of geospatial techniques, from custom ecological and environmental data development (GIS and remote sensing based) to advanced analyses of resource use dynamics at the individual and population levels. We address conservation and management problems at the appropriate spatial and temporal scales in a cost-efficient, adaptive manner.

Recent Projects

  • Developing tools for forest disturbance detection and hydrologic response across the Western US [more]
  • Producing actionable phenological science for the water-limited Southwest [more]
  • Building an advanced pheno-climatic information system for NASA and the Earth science community [more]
  • Developing and implementing an early-warning mapping tool for forecasting fire risk on DoD lands in the arid West [more]
  • Programming and deploying software to monitor eagle population trends across the conterminous U.S. [more]
  • Providing maps of fire risk and fire connectivity to managers and conservation planners across multiple jurisdictions in western North America [news story]
  • Working with tribal partners and other organizations to map meadow systems and identify climate resilience across the Eastern Cascades
  • Collaborating with multiple partners to develop estimates of forest structure, composition, and condition across the Sierra Nevada region
  • Leveraging landscape-scale retrospective and near real-time data on meadow ecosystem responses to climate to inform climate-smart strategies for management in the Sierra Nevada [news story]
  • Using advanced spatial analyses to generate datasets and national maps to assess past land use changes and major threats to America’s most valuable farmland over the next 25 to 30 years.
  • Collaborating with the National Park Service, NASA, Montana State University, and others to develop decision-support tools to assess the vulnerability of ecosystems and species to climate and land use change, initially targeting the Great Northern and Appalachian regions [more]
  • Working with multiple partners to forecast the extent and trends of land-use change in the U.S. consistent with climate-change drivers