Multi-scale conservation planning and design - Conservation Science Partners
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Multi-scale conservation planning & design

CSP provides the capacity and resources to position projects for success in the earliest stages of planning, design, or implementation. We seek to address conservation problems proactively. Our approaches and services are particularly suited for planning and siting large projects in places where impacts to ecological integrity can be avoided or minimized. We have extensive experience developing flexible, user-friendly, spatial, decision-support packages that can help guide effective conservation planning communications and strategies. We have led or collaborated on efforts to identify conservation priorities across regional and global scales, to identify specific fishing gears with highest impacts on megafauna, and to characterize animal physiological responses to biotic and abiotic factors.

Recent Projects

  • Working with multiple partners to quantify and map the status of river and dam systems across the conterminous U.S.
  • Coordinating international partners to conserve critically endangered Eastern Pacific leatherbacks [more]
  • Convening the world’s foremost resource for sea turtle biogeography data for multi-scale conservation [more]
  • Working with numerous partners to design, facilitate, and deploy a landscape conservation design for the Green River Basin [more]
  • Collaborating with multiple organizations to determine scale-dependent feedbacks among protected areas and surrounding socio-ecological systems [more]
  • Assessing species vulnerabilities to renewable energy development and associated transmission in Arizona
  • Assessing the implications of changing fuels and fire regimes on management and resiliency in the Sonoran Desert [more]
  • Implementing a long-term research and monitoring program for the threatened Mojave desert tortoise with renewable energy companies and federal partners in the Mojave Desert of California [more]
  • Integrating wildlife crossing structure data and information into connectivity planning for the western U.S. [more]
  • Working with NGO partners to conduct a statewide connectivity conservation assessment for California using complimentary estimates of structural and functional connectivity
  • Using science-driven models of connectivity and vulnerability to assist partners in protecting the last vast places in the western U.S. [more]
  • Developing spatially explicit models of conservation priority areas and areas of critical environmental concern on public lands throughout the U.S. [news story]
  • Piloting a process for improving integration and prioritization of cross-realm management actions to optimize joint benefits to terrestrial and freshwater conservation targets in the Missouri Headwaters Basin
  • Exploring the implications of ongoing development and the loss of natural lands in the U.S., from 2001 to the present [news story]