Testimonials for Conservation Science Partners
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Here’s what people are saying about their experience with Conservation Science Partners…

“The scientists at CSP listen. They work hard to understand the needs of the partner, and then they use their considerable expertise to conduct analyses that serve as a foundation for management, sometimes even giving managers new insights about the landscapes in which they work. In my experience, the CSP scientists serve as the core for a collaboration — neutral but invested people that can help all partners find common ground. Yes, their science is excellent, some of the best. But the science coupled with their ability to understand partners’ needs, convene and support partnerships, and communicate the science in a way that provides insights and opportunities for partners is what sets CSP apart.” —Tom Olliff, Coordinator, Great Northern Landscape Conservation Cooperative; Chief, National Park Service Intermountain Region Landscape Conservation and Climate Change Division

“The scientists at CSP are some of the best I have worked with. They are innovative and technically skilled in modern data analysis and spatial modeling, and they have a special ability to translate complex analyses into the practical world. Their work has been instrumental in helping address conservation needs at a large landscape level across the country. Their mission to work in a collaborative partnership is unique and refreshing. We wouldn’t be where we are without the great work of CSP in helping us move conservation into the 21st century” —D. John Pierce, Chief Wildlife Scientist, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

“The expertise of CSP’s interdisciplinary network of top-caliber scientists has proven invaluable for maximizing the value of the giant garter snake dataset we have amassed in California’s Central Valley over the past 16 years. From demography to occupancy and spatial ecology, the information developed through CSP’s involvement has made a substantial — and previously unrealizable —contribution to the conservation and management of this species. This collaboration will undoubtedly enable us to continue pushing the frontiers of our research into the future.” —Eric C. Hansen, Consulting Environmental Biologist

“It has been great working with CSP scientists to model the distribution of feral swine in the United States. Their expertise in spatial and statistical modeling has been a tremendous help in overcoming the many technical challenges that face researchers working at very broad spatial scales. I hope to collaborate with CSP again on future projects.” —Dr. Chris Burdett, Department of Biology, Colorado State University

“We have worked with scientists at CSP on projects ranging from analyzing a long-term, interdisciplinary dataset on recreational impacts along the Colorado River to a collaborative assessment of the condition of natural and cultural resources across the 5 million-acre greater Grand Canyon landscape.  They have demonstrated an exceptional ability to apply their knowledge of resource management, statistical analysis, and spatial modeling in practical ways that enable us to better understand and preserve our unparalleled resources.” —Dr. Todd Chaudhry, Senior Ecologist, Grand Canyon National Park

“Scientists at CSP are clearly world experts in thinking about and modeling habitat connectivity.  Partnering with them made my project on wildlife corridors for tropical mammals possible. CSP was essential at every stage, from framing the problem to conducting the analysis and reporting the results.” —Dr. Jedediah F. Brodie, Departments of Zoology & Botany, Biodiversity Research Centre, University of British Columbia

“In this era of rapid change, durable solutions for conserving the Colorado Plateau demand creativity and cutting-edge science. Conservation Science Partners provides us with both. They are a key partner in the exploration of new ways for science to inform the work of our organization.” —Matt Williamson, Former Director, Kane-Two Mile Ranch Program, Grand Canyon Trust

“We ended up with sophisticated analyses that we could have never done in-house, and a good working relationship for future projects. I feel very fortunate that CSP was available to help us get the most from our data.” —Dr. Frances Cassirer, Wildlife Research Biologist, Idaho Department of Fish and Game

“Conservation Science Partners provided outstanding statistical analyses for our National Science Foundation research on bark beetle epidemics, analyzing large complicated data with multiple years of repeat sampling.  I would highly recommend their services for cutting-edge statistical modeling and fast data processing.” —Dr. Joy Nystrom Mast, Professor of Geography and Earth Sciences, Carthage College, Wisconsin